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Where is Love Park In PA - What is It Like to Visit ?

Where is Love Park - What is It Like to Visit


Love Park is located on 15th and 16th and JFK  Boulevard (aka  Arch Street) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It is right next to Suburban train station not far from City Hall ( you can see City Hall from the park)

Why is It Called Love Park?

Because of the "Love" Sculpture / Statue located on the southeast corner of the park. It was created by Robert Indiana.  The design is not completely unique and Indiana's similar work is found in other cities.  It is a popular photo-op spot.

Visiting Love Park - What to Expect:

Love Park takes up one city block. It sits right on top of a parking garage so parking is convenient.

There is a pretty nice, large water fountain that sprays water into the air I'd guess 30 feet or so. In front of the fountain is the Love statue.

The Fairmount park visitor center is located on the park grounds as well.

The park used to be famous for the amount of skateboarders it drew.  In a somewhat minor-controversial decision, skateboarding was banned in the park but every so often skateboarders and freestyle bicyclists can be found there.

I find there to be a fairly large amount of homeless people that line the south side of the park as well as some within the park.

The Pros of Love Park:

Love Park is free and easy to get to. Parking is easy (but not free)

The Love Statue is a fine place to get a picture of yourself and that someone special.  There is no cost and photographs are allowed (bring your own camera).

The statue and the fountain are nice to look.

The Cons of Love Park:

There is not much to do in Love park other than sit for a minute and look at the scenery.

Some people may find it a little seedy at times. The park clientele doesn't bother me. I've never had a problem with the homeless but some visitors might find the amount of homeless a little unnerving. The occasional skateboarder on the scene will be the dark clothed, tattooed type, but I've never had problems that the skater's either.  I kind of miss them being around.

Getting a photo-op in front of the statue can take a while. There is usually a line of people waiting to take a picture and you'll have to wait your turn. This isn't really a bad thing.  It shows the popularity of Love Park as well as the romantic side.  You will be in line a few minutes though.

To Sum Up:

Check out Love Park but don't plan your day on it.  Be sure to get a photo of the statue.

 If you haven't been to Philadelphia before, when you get done at the park be sure to check out the local sites.  The most popular downtown attractions will be south and east of the park. Shopping, bars, art, historical attractions etc.  That's not to say there are not cool things north and west.


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  1. I've always wanted to take a picture standing next to LOVE with my fiance :)