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Blackberry ShortCut Keys That Allows You to View Calendar Appointments / Meetings

Whether you are using a blackberry or a smartphone or a PC or Mac or an iPad or whatever, you want to navigate quickly and easily.  I think this is especially true on the blackberry. Blackberries are often used on-the-go and you want to get through the commands quick and fluently.  
This article will show you the short cut keys for calendar events.
Keep in mind that shortcut keys do not work unless you have the  "Enable Quick Entry" in Calendar Options set to “No.”
Once Enable Quick entry is set to no you can also use the following shortcut keys while in your Blackberry calendar:

"C" creates a new appointment in detailed mode.
"T" send you to today staying in current view.
"G" goes to a specific date.
"D" sets your blackberry calendar to day view.
"W" goes to week view.
"M" puts it  into month view.
"A" is for the agenda view.
That is about for calendar short cuts for now.  Thanks for reading.

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