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Black Particle Pieces on Office Floor Rug Mat - Need Wheels For Chair

For weeks I notice that the rug on my office floor and the chair mat that protects the rug was getting littered with these mysterious little black pieces.   These little black marks are pliable, soft, and light.  Every day they would appear on the floor and then by morning they would disappear.

The disappeared each night because the maintenance team would vacuum my floor and they'd be gone.  It wasn't until the janitor asked me, "Hey, what are those little things

What Are These Small Black Particles on the Ground ?

We'll, it turns out they pieces off the caster wheels on my chair.  I really like the chair I have in my office and it was pretty expensive so I have decided to keep using this chair until it is not longer comfortable or until it simply won't work anymore.  I have had the chair for years. The chair has held up great but the caster wheels over time, just like tires on a car, must have simply worn out.

Are All The Office Chair Wheels Shedding Tread?

Actually no, some are in good shape but two wheels are shedding little black pieces. One is real bad.

Is it Time to Buy a New Office Chair?

No. The office chair is in great shape.  If your chair is in good shape don't by a new office chair, just get new wheels for your chair.  Chair wheels are referred to as "caster" wheels. Casters can differ in quality and size but they all allow you chair to roll in any direction.

Where Can I Buy New Caster Wheels for My Office Chair

Just about any office supply store will carry casters or they can get them for you.

What Do I Need to Know Before Ordering Casters?  Can I Install Them Myself

Casters are pretty easy to replace.  I wrote an article on this topic and linked it below. Check it out.

How To Choose, Buy and Install Office Chair Casters Easy and Quick - Click Here


  1. Thanks for the post, it was a pleasure to read it. I hate when people just get rid of old stuff. What do they have their hands for? It can be easily repaired!

  2. I have the same problem. My chair is only 2 years old. It is only happening to a few people in the office. Glad to see I am not alone.