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I Can't Close The About Lotus Notes Window

Someone asked you what version of Lotus Notes you are using.  You clicked on "Help" at the top of the screen and you chose  "About Notes" in the menu that appeared.

Unfortunately, you were in the middle of a couple of email drafts and now your Lotus Notes appears locked up.  The About Lotus Notes window, that window that tells you what version of Lotus you are using will not go away.  Your entire email program is frozen and the window will not leave your PC screen.

How to you get that window to close?  Do you need to close Lotus on the task manager? Do you need to hard reboot your PC computer?

No!  Don't do any of that.  For some reason,  the "about" or "version" window does not close by more conventional means of close box or click on something else.  What you need to do is press the escape button <ESC> on your computer keyboard and this block will go away.

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