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Enable Disable Java Applets JavaScript on Lotus Notes

Enabling or Disabling Java Applets and JavaScript on Lotus Notes in not something that a lot of us do every day.   Most Lotus Notes users, like myself, are not real familiar with Java Applets and Javascript and simply let these programs run quietly in the background.

If you ever run into a situation where you need to turn on or turn off JavaScript / Java Applets on Lotus Note you have come to the right place to teach you the basics.   I had to do this when I called PC support one time.  I honestly can not remember what it was I was trouble shooting but the IT team was able to help by letting new how to activate and deactivate these programs

Just follow these steps (works best with Lotus version 7.0.02) :

Click on "File" at the very top, left corner of your Lotus Notes screen.  

On the file menu that appears, click "Preferences"

Then select "User Preferences" in the menu that appears to the side.

Look to the top of the left hand corner window that appears and click on the "Basics"

Then look down into the field that says "Additional Options"

For turning on and off Java Applets, scroll up to "Enable Java Applets" add check mark to enable, remove check mark to disable.

For turning on and off JavaScript, scroll up to "Enable JavaScript" add check mark to enable, remove check mark to disable.

Hope that Helps!

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  1. i am new at using java , thanks for the tips,
    it's very thoughtful of you