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What Does 89-100 closure cap mean – 63-410 Meaning

So you want to know the meaning of a cap size.  I’ll explain what an 89-100 , 89-410 , 69-400 and 69 -410 means in simplest terms I can think of.

I admit, I am not a packaging engineer but we work with these caps fairly frequently and I can give you a good idea what each of these sizes mean.

This isn't meant to describe every cap size but I figure the 89 sized closure is fairly unusual for caps meant for bottles / jars so there might be good folks (like you) out there wanted to know what these designations mean.
We typically work with polyethylene bottles and their respective closures but this info should work for other closures as well.  As usual, double check with you cap manufacturer if you aren't sure or want to double verify.

The first number designated on a closure is the cap diameter in millimeters.  Millimeters whether in the USA or abroad is the standard measurement used for caps.   So in this case the 89 means 89mm and the 63 means 63 mm in diameter respectively.

The second number represents the rotations.  This is less intuitive. The 400 means one complete rotation is required to fully seal the cap. If you want to get technical there is also a required torque pound measurement related to the diameter but in layman's terms, 400 means you’ll be able to turn the cap 360 degrees before you can’t turn it anymore.

410 means you’ll get one and one half ( 1  ½) turns before it fully screws down on the bottle.

Another way to think of it is you’ll have to screw the 410 cap down further (more rotation along the thread) than a 400.


63-400  = 63 mm in diameter and you’ll turn it a complete 360 degrees give or take to have it close.  

63 -410  = 63 mm in diameter and you’ll turn it a complete 540 degrees or 1 ½ rotations give or take to have it close.  

89-400 = 89mm in diameter and you’ll turn it a complete 360 degrees give or take to have it close.  

89-410 = 89mm in diameter and you’ll turn it a complete 540 degrees or 1 ½ rotations give or take to have it close.  

Of course you’ll want the neck of your bottle/jar to match the size of the cap as well.

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My Favorite Bookmarks Appear and Disappear on Chrome

So I noticed some of my favorite, quick pick web pages missing
from the top of my screen on Google Chrome.  My internet browser is Google Chrome and I noticed that when I open a new tab, my favorites (ie favorite website displayed as a button / icon at the top of the page ) appear for a second, then disappear.

This was a bit of a pain in the butt as I would have to click on the tab, then very click (or sometimes double click) on the favorite button before it disappeared.  What a pain in the butt that was to do.

So I tried clicking the "restore default tab" link on my screen (at the time of this post it is located in the top right corner of my screen when I open a new tab in Chrome ) and initially it looks as though it would work but, frankly, it doesn't.

So how did I keep my favorite buttons from appearing and disappearing from my computer screen when running Google Chrome ?

Actually it is pretty easy to  restore your favorites and here is how I did it.  Keep in mind this post presumes that you set up favorites as icons / buttons that appear in the bar just below the tabs / url field at the top of the screen.

OK... .here you go.  Open a new tab. Then just press control-shift-B.  Make sure you are holding all of them down at the same time and do it in that order.  Your favorite websites will then reappear.  If you already have them set up, they will disappear.

Here's a step by step for those of you who want a bit more detail

Step 1 - Open Tab

Open a new tab on Chrome so you now looking at a clear search bar. 

If you don't open a new tab it might not work.  For example, I did it here while typing this post and it made all my characters bold , which is something you don't want. Open a new tab and go to step two....

Step 2 - CTRL - SHIFT - B (seem important notes below)

Press down - CONTROL Button on your keyboard (ie "CTRL") and keep holding it down - Press down SHIFT (keep holding it down while holding down CTRL) - Press down the Letter B  (keep holding it down while holding the SHIFT and CTRL key down) 

So in plain terms  CTRL-SHIFT-B    but remember to do them in order while holding them all down.  I tried CTRL-B-SHIFT instead (while holding them down and it didn't work.

Step 3 - You've Done it!

Your favorite site icons you lost will reappear at the top of the screen. Now bask in your glory :-)

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If Getting Paid By Check Never Works Here’s How to Resolve

If Getting Paid By Check Never Works Here’s How to Resolve 

 …… Tired of never getting paid by the same person or company over and over?  You aren’t alone. It can be tough to avoid especially if you have too much faith in the payer and the payer never comes through.  

You can check their references first before locking into a business deal.

If you have a little savvy you might be able to do an official credit check on the person first. This involves my first thought on references but takes it a little further. There are sites that can show you how to do this.

If you keep getting hit with the overdraft penalty charges that sadly the person trying to get paid has to pay if the check doesn’t work, there is a way that might help you. Linked the thought below.