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Stop Facebook New Post Comment Alert Notification Sound on Cell Phone

I downloaded the free Facebook application on my Android powered Lucid LG cell phone in order to make it easier to do all the cool tagging, check-ins, posting of photos, emails right from my phone.

The problem is, every time I post something and people make comments related to that post, my cell phone makes an alert sound that notifies me of a new comment.  Honestly, I don't need my cell phone making noises every time someone makes a related comment on Facebook.

So... I figured out an easy way to remove the new post comment sound on my cell phone.  Here is how to do it:

Step 1 – Log Onto Your App
Open your Facebook app as you normally do simply by pressing Facebook app icon on your phone's touch screen.

Step 2 – Open Menu within Application
I use an LG fusion phone (powered by Android).  This might differ for you but now press your menu button while the app is opened. 

 For me it is that little button with the square on it on my wireless phone

Step 3 – Notification Settings Section
Scroll down to the “Notification Settings” section of the menu you just opened. Then scroll down to “Notification Ringtone”

Press “Notification Ringtone”

Step 4 – Mute Ringtone
After pressing “Notification Ringtone” down in the list of available sounds that will go off when someone leaves you a post or comment. Look for “Silent”

Press “Silent” (you’ll see the radio button change)   Then Press “OK”

Step 5 – Now the Sound is Muted
That should do it. The notification ringtone will now be muted / disabled. Now you won’t hear that tone every time someone has a post or comment for you

I hope that helps! 

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