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Stop Facebook User From Finding Seeing Your Profile Timeline

The vast social network out there is a great way to get your message out an update friends and family on your whereabouts and what you are up to.

There are some drawbacks of course and the biggest is when the wrong people are looking at your private information.

Maybe you have a boss on Facebook that you want to hide your personal profile / timeline from.  Maybe there are people out there you simply do not want to friend or have you ask to be their friend.

Regardless of your reasons, you are reading this post because you want to hide your Facebook profile / timeline from someone. You simply do not want to interact with this person and you want to prevent them from seeing you on Facebook.

Blocking friends and people in general from your Facebook profile / timeline is easy to do.

This article will take you through the easy step by step process of updating your Facebook settings to hide your profile.

I will warn you that as of the date of this article (2012), once you block someone you can not see their information either.  Neither you or the friend or user you have blocked will be able to see each others timelines / profiles and you won't be able to find each other on Facebook.

Step 1- Log into your Facebook account as you normally do everytime you visit FB.

Step 2 - Look to the upper right corner of your screen and find where it says "Home"  There is a drop down arrow. Click the drop down arrow and a menu will appear

Step 3 - Click "Privacy Settings" in this drop down menu.

Step 4 - Look for "Blocked People and Apps"  If you can not find it you might need to scroll down your screen. It is not in my screen view on my PC but then again I have the font size jacked up so maybe that is why this is cut off from view on my computer screen.

Click "Manage Blocking" to the right of the "Blocked People and Apps" section

I included a screen shot below of what you are looking for......

Step 5 - You'll be directed to a "Choose Your Privacy Settings Manage Blocking" page. Look down for the section called "Block Users" (there's a picture below).  Either enter the name or the email address (one or the other is fine) of the user you want to hide your profile timeline from and prevent contact.

Step 6 - When you enter the users name (or email) and click "Block" you might see a bunch of people pop up with the same name. Be sure to select the right Facebook user or users you want to keep out of sight from by clicking the corresponding "Block" button to the right.

Step 7 - From here on out it is pretty much self explanatory.

Thanks for reading my "Stop Facebook User From Finding Seeing Your Profile Timeline" article.

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