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Delete User on Staples Advantage Stapleslink

Deleting users on Staples Advantage (formerly Stapleslink) website is pretty easy. In order to remove a user from your Staples Advantage account you need to have your profile set up so that you have the rights to delete another user’s account.  These rights are typically managed by whoever your company has assigned within your organization as site administrator.

Here are the steps to eliminating a person’s profile so they can no longer make purchases on this website under your account.

Step 1

Log into your Staples (Advantage) account as you normally would.

Step 2

Look for “My Account” somewhere at or near the top of your computer screen and hover the cursor over it.

Step 3

In the drop down choices that appear, select “Manage Users”

Step 4

Under the section “Search for a User Profile” search for the person you want to remove. I typically do this by searching for their last name (to do this be sure “Last Name” is selected in the “By Name or ID” field and then type all or part of the person’s last name in the field below)

Click “Go”

Step 5

Then look over to the right at the “Edit User Profile Field”  

-If you don’t see any name, you either typed their name wrong or they are not on the account.

-If you see multiple names be sure to highlight (click) on the name you want to delete

-If you only see one name, and it is the right one, it should already be highlighted (if not, highlight it by clicking on it)

Step  6

Hit the delete button and that person will be permanently removed from the account.

That's it!

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  1. i don't have a staples account yet but this sure will come in handy when i get one