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How to Clean Gas Grill Easy

How to Clean Gas Grill Easy

Cleaning the grill on an outdoor gas grill can involve quite a bit of elbow grease. Especially after a big barbecue or cookout. This article will make life easier. Read on to learn how to Clean Gas Grill Easy



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      After that big glorious cookout or barbecue event, let the gas grill cool down completely so that it is once again cool to the touch. Very important step. Let it cool before doing anything
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      Take a piece of tin foil large enough to cover the top of the grill portion of your grill. Cover the grill with SHINY SIDE of tin foil down. Be sure to cover it by wrapping some of the foil underneath the grill. Don't completely wrap the bottom though, just wrap it enough underneath simply to keep the foil on the grill.
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      Light the grill and turn all burners on high. When doing this, at the risk of stating the obvious, be sure the grill is OUTSIDE in an open area before turning on the flame. Don't do this after you've put away in the garage or anything that could cause a fire or smoke inhalation
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      Close the lid and let the grill run on high flame for 20 minutes
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      After 20 minutes turn off the grill. Since the heat gets trapped in the foil like the inside of a kitchen oven , all of the goo you want to clean off the grill turns to a sort of soot and ash
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      Remove tin foil after the grill cools down and scrap off. Should come off easy.
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      Thanks for reading my How to Clean a Gas Grill Easy

      REMINDER: Be sure the grill is cool before applying or removing tin foil. I don't want you to get burned :-)

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  1. Yes, I understand and will apply it on my gas grill. great guide