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How to Choose Bananas at the Supermarket

Whether you cut them up in cereal, eat them raw or use them in your favorite recipe bananas are a wonderful, delicious, versatile fruit. Read on to learn how to choose a banana at the supermarket



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      If the banana is uniformly green or shows signs of green it isn't quite ripe enough to eat raw. It will be a little tougher to peel as well. If you decide to buy a green banana, let it ripen at room temperature. It should get yellow within a few days.
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      If you want a banana ready to eat, look for a banana that has a skin that is uniformly yellow. Be sure there are no traces of green. The skin will be easier to peel and the flesh will be a firm but very chewable and delicious.
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      When choosing bananas at the supermarket look for fruit that doesn't have damaged or bruised skin. Bananas will eventually develop brown spots but that doesn't necessarily mean the flesh will be brown or over ripened
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      One great aspect of a banana, much like wine I suppose, is that it merely changes character as it ripens. Overripe bananas will be all brown to almost black but to some the overly soft, sweet taste is wonderfully delicious.
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      Even if you don't care for dark, overripe bananas, consider trying something else with them. Try making a banana bread with them. Do you like to make fruit shakes? Make a banana shake out of the overripe ones. Delicious.

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