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How to Feel Better During Unemployment

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Feel Better During Unemployment

How to feel better about unemployment might sound like 'how to enjoy waving with a broken arm' but there are ways to cope. I was out of work for seven months but managed OK once I realized a few things. Let's look at some things I did .... hope this helps!



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      After many unsuccessful attempts at finding work, I realized the biggest psychological problem I had was a feeling of worthlessness. I felt that I wasn't being productive. I lacked value.
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      Productivity. That is the key word here. Keep being productive. When I say 'productive' I don't mean sending out resumes, going on interviews, navigating monster, etc etc. That stuff is important and you should do it, but you might be at a point when those options have run dry and you need to add an additional approach.
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      When being productive, try to do things where you'll see measurable results. This will make you feel like you've accomplished something. You'll feel like you have more value.... here's some ideas...
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      Exercise daily and record your results. Set reasonable exercise goals you know you can easily accomplish. Even if it is just taking a walk everyday. Try to increase your distance or improve your time in small increments. You'll feel more productive, be more healthy and naturally reduce stress.
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      Speaking of exercise, do you love going to the gym? Maybe they have a position open working the front desk a few hours a week. You'll make a couple bucks and usually a membership discount as well. Try asking. It's like getting paid to work out.
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      Have a lot of clutter in your life? If this clutter carries no sentimental value, try on line auctions. Each day try to post more items than you did yesterday. If they sell great! If they don't, no big deal. You'll only be out a few cents and you'll have a reason to throw those items out. Less clutter means less stress plus you'll develop on line selling skills.
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      Coupons. Never had time to clip them? We'll now you do. Clip coupons only for items you can't live without (toilet paper comes to mind ;-). There are many free online sites with coupons. Make sure you are only clipping for items you use daily and can't live without. Every dollar you save is a dollar earned for that day. Record your savings and try to do better each time.
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      How about major expenses? Now you have time to negotiate them. Auto Insurance is a great example. Take the time to explore other insurance carriers or call your own to see how you can save. How about the cable TV bill? Call them and negotiate. Tell them you are unemployed and are thinking of dropping TV altogether. They'll come down in price I guarantee. If you spend 1 hour on the phone and save $50 a year, that FIFTY BUCKS an hour you just earned. Better pay than most jobs. Cell phone service?? You get the idea.... try to work on one expense a day and take notes. See what works.
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      Like to write? Try doing what I'm doing right now. Plenty of web sites are looking for writers and will pay you a small amount of money (very, very small) if your articles get internet traffic. Try it. You'll be surprised how easy it is but don't quit the day job when you find it.
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      Help out your friends. People who have jobs have no time to do anything. Think about when you had a job. What were the hassles? Take the car to the mechanic, pick the kids up early from school, paint the fence, get a ride to the doctor, wait for mattress do be delivered, wait for the cable guy to show up, etc. etc. Offer to help with anything! You'll strengthen your friendship and be productive. Try to fill your calendar with these favors.
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      Another note on favors...I'm not suggesting asking for or taking money, but if they absolutely insist, you may find yourself with a part time job for the day. I rarely took money from true friends but believe it or not, word gets around and occasionally there's a friend of a friend that offers a buck.....$$
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      I hope this helps. Again, the key is being productive. Productivity creates opportunity and piece of mind. Try it. If you have other ideas, please comment. I'd love to hear your thoughts :-)

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