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How to Choose Apples at the Supermarket

Picking the right apples in the produce section

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Choose Apples at the Supermarket

Hi! Apples are a great, healthy snack. Read on to learn how to Choose Apples at the Supermarket.



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      Apples are available year round. I find that the are at their peak during the late summer and pretty much throughout the fall. Best part of this fruit is that it is available year round.
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      Size: I don't get too caught up with the size of the apple, but in general, the larger, the more ripe. I don't taste a huge difference or sit there and measure it them out but some people find size important
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      Look at the Skin: Look for skin that isn't bruised or broken. Especially be sure it isn't rotten. Honestly, the saying "A rotten apple ruins the orchard" is the truth. If you find a rotten apple, go to another stand. It may have affected. There should be no browning especially toward the core.
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      Look at the Color: Again, no browning at the core. There are many apple varieties. Be sure the color represents the natural, healthy color of the apple. For example, granny smiths tend to be a vibrant green color so you would look for that in those apples.
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      Feel: When you Choose Apples at the Supermarket, feel for density and smoothness. Apples should be firm and smooth. A too soft apple is probably going down hill so avoid it.
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      Storage: When you get your apples home, it is ok to keep on the counter if you are going to eat them in one week or so. Otherwise keep them in the refrigerator and they'll keep for weeks.
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      Varieties: Fuji (eating), Granny Smith (cooking), Red Delicious (eating), Golden Delicious (eating but also cooking), etc, etc.... TOO many to cover here... check out my other article. How to Choose Apple Varieties at the Supermarket 

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