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How to Get Rid of Kitchen Grease

Properly Remove Kitchen Grease

If you are like the rest of us, when it comes to kitchen grease you probably fall into one of these categories : 1) You dump it down the drain or 2) You throw it in the trash. The latter is the right way but read on for the most efficient way on how to get rid of kitchen grease.

You'll Need:
  • Small metal can
  • Lid for the metal can or even a small plastic bag that you get at the store will work.


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      Hi! Ok, the last thing you want to do is dump the grease down the drain. Why? Because grease tends to solidify and harden and will block up your household drains and possibly your sewage. Believe me, you don't want that to happen (yuck and peee- u )
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      Find yourself a metal can or glass jar. A peanut jar, beer can, soup can, pretty much anything you can get from the recycle bin
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      When you cook something real greasy or fatty like bacon, a lot of liquid fat will build up in the bottom of the pan. It is most pourable when still hot, so while hot, carefully pour the contents into the metal or glass can/jar you found. Don't use a paper or cardboard jar or you'll face an Exxon Valdez-esque disaster. Plus you may get burned so be careful.
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      Consider putting a paper towel or old newspaper under the can/jar when you pour in case some oil misses. If you have a lid, cover the can/jar with the lid.
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      If you don't have a lid, don't worry. You don't need it. What I do after the grease cools a bit is, believe it or not, put it into the freezer. I find that the grease hardens faster and more reliably this way. Keep reading :-) ....
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      Once it gets hard, it won't spill as much when you put it into the trash without a lid. Nor will it spill as much if you use a glass jar and it breaks in the bag.
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      Since grease is hard, it will less likely find any holes or tears in the bag and make a mess by leaking into your trash can or onto your floor.
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      If you insist on having a lid, but don't have one, you are still in luck. Wait until the oil cools. Take a ball of old newspaper and pack it into the top of the jar. The newspaper will help absorb some of the oil that spills. ALSO, take a small plastic bag (I use plastic grocery bags) and put the jar into the bag and tie tightly. Double bag if it makes you feel better.
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      Then put grease into the trash. Your home's plumbing is saved and that unsightly grease is out of the way

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  1. I have a glass stove top insert in my granite counter. I store my pots and pans underneath in cabinets. The pots and pans are clean when I put them in and greasy when I take them out. I don't know of a single time that I have spilled grease or it boiled over to run underneath the stove top. Do you have a clue as to what is happening?