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How to Enter Comment Box That Appears Outside of Excel Cell

 How to Create a Pop Up Box For Comments on Excel
Ever see a pop up box appear on Excel when you click on cell? That is a comment box that allows you to make notes in a cell without altering the value or contents within the cell.  For example, say you enter a formula into your Excel spreadsheet and are concerned that either yourself or another user won't recognize the meaning of that formula. To remedy, you can enter as a comment that pops up whenever someone clicks on that cell.

It is easy to do simply by following these steps (these steps work best on Microsoft Excel 2007):

- Open your Excel Spreadsheet

- Click the "Review" tab at the top of the screen

- Click on the spread sheet cell where you want to insert the comment

-Look back up at the "Review" tab at the top of the screen. See the "New Comment" icon just
to the lower left?  Click "New Comment"

-Enter your comment in the box that appears.

That's it!  I hope that helps you to learn how to enter comment box that appears outside of MS Excel cell.

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