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How to Store Photo Studio Background White Seamless Photographic Paper

Properly Storing White Photo Paper Rolls

How to Store Photo Studio Background White Seamless Photographic Paperthumbnail
Store Photo Studio Background White Seamless Photographic Paper

Hi! OK, so you've got your home photography studio set up, you've taken some great pictures and now you are ready to store your seamless background paper for your next photographic session. Please read on Store Photo Studio Background White Seamless Photography Paper



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      This article is tailored more toward those using the smaller rolls (less than a few feet long) but those with larger rolls can glean some advice as well :-). First take your seamless photo paper off of where you have it mounted.
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      Now you've got to roll it up tight. As you roll it, you'll see the paper will resist rolling up tight. Since you unwound it for a shot the paper tends to stay unwound as shown in step 4 below
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      If the unwound portion of your photographic background white seamless paper is dirty or wrinkled, simply cut it off the portion you had unrolled so that you can roll up tight.
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      If the portion is still in great shape and the paper won't roll easily, pinch the paper as shown with one hand with the roll standing vertically
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      Continue to tighten the white seamless paper by rolling using your 'pinching' hand as well pulling the 'loose' paper on the end tight. Continue to pull and roll until tight
    • 6

      Once it gets tight like this, secure it with a small piece of masking painters tape (the kind that is easy to remove without tearing paper) and put the paper back into its original box.
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      Look for a low humidity dry area. Be sure it is away from the elements (open window, open heat source, etc)
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      Be sure to stand the paper in the box on end. I like to use a dry, away from the elements, corner of the room to ensure the box won't fall over or lean to one side. You don't want to lay the photographic seamless paper flat, as it will cause a 'flat' section on the roll. This flat, wrinkled section may appear in your photography.
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      Close the top of the box so dust can not enter and you are done. Thanks for reading my How To Store Photo Studio Background White Seamless Photographic Paper

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