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How to Use Negotiation Tactics to Negotiate Well

How To Negotiate The Best Deal

Use Negotiation Tactics to Negotiate Well
Whether you've tried to talk yourself out of a speeding ticket, tried to convince the kids to do something, or bought a new car, we've all negotiated. Want to do it better? Read on to learn how to use negotiation tactics to negotiate well . I'm a professional buyer and see these tactics all the time....

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      Anytime you negotiate, either consciously or subconsciously there are tactics either you use or your opponent uses. Here are some to look out for ....
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      The 'Higher Authority'.... Negotiators use this as a way 'out' if they hear something they don't like. You may have used it yourself such as, "I have to check with my wife first." Or "My boss will need to approve this." etc... Often authority doesn't exist. Remember this. Keep negotiating as though this person is the higher authority.
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      'It's Carved in Stone'... Often you'll find you are negotiating against conditions that are already written down. It might be words on a contract or a sign in the store. Whatever it is, it is written down to make you think it is not negotiable. It IS negotiable. Negotiate everything that is written down. NOTHING is carved in stone.
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      'The Temper Tantrum' This is when a negotiator visibly gets mad or excited or cries or whines or jumps up and down....
      This is done to intimidate the opponent so that they agree to simply to get rid of the 'crazy guy'. Don't use this tactic too much, you'll begin to numb the effect. If it is used against you, remember that it might just be an act. Stick to the facts of the negotiation and ignore it.
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      'Wince!' This is a classic, time tested negotiating tactic both written about and practiced worldwide. If something doesn't sound right, try wincing or giving a disgusted look. Don't confuse this with the 'Temper Tantrum'. Just give a subtle but visible wince. It works. If it is done against you, counter it with silence and see what the 'wincer' has to say. Don't give in yet.
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      "The Quiet Treatment" I love employing this tactic. Very often if you don't like what you are hearing, instead of instinctively cutting your opponent off, stay quiet! They'll often instinctively keep talking. Keep listening! An opponent given the silent treatment will contradict themselves or give you critical information that supports YOUR position. Better yet, sometimes they give in a little and give you what you want. If you find yourself getting the silent treatment, just repeat what you said. Another way to counter the silent treatment is to stop and ask, "What do you think?" Then stay quiet yourself.
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      'Good Cop, Bad Cop' This is where you have someone else in the room on your side. One of you acts more forcefully or antagonistic toward your opponent, while the other acts more like a peacemaker. If played properly, your opponent has to spend considerable mental resources appeasing both 'cops' and not enough on strengthening position. Keep this in mind in case it is ever tried on you. Ignore it and stick to details are important to you.
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      Thanks for reading ' How to Use Negotiation Tactics to Negotiate Well ' I truly hope that this article helps you in some way. Thanks so much for reading!

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