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How to Hold a Paint Brush

How to Hold a Paint Brushthumbnail
Hold a Paint Brush

Holding a paint brush correctly isn't hard at all. Many people don't hold it correctly simply because they haven't been taught to do so. Read on to learn how to hold a paint brush and you'll immediately improve your painting skills.



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      The design of a paint brush makes the art of holding one a bit deceptive. Most people think that holding a brush in this manner (see picture) is the proper method. It isn't the right way :-)
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      The problem with holding a brush like above is that it makes it very difficult to control your brush strokes. In addition, your hand will get tired pretty rapidly.
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      Even though it isn't truly a pencil grip, think of holding a paint brush like you would a pencil. Grab it toward the base (or the ferrule as it is officially known :-) with index finger on top, middle finger on one side and thumb on the other side
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      Keep this technique in mind whenever you paint. You'll gain control and just as important, you'll gain hand stamina to finish the big task. Thanks so much for reading my How To Hold a Paint Brush article

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