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How to Start a New Line in Microsoft Excel Cell


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Start a New Line in Microsoft Excel

Isn't it frustrating when you are working in a little cell in Excel and you have to space over to create a new line? Here's an easy way around this. Read on to read how to start a new line in Microsoft Excel



    • 1
      Start out by, of course, opening Microsoft Excel as you normally would
    • 2
      Click on any cell in Excel where you wish to enter information
    • 3
      Enter your information as you normally would except stop when you have typed your first line ( in other words, don't try to type the second line yet or don't keep hitting your space bar in order to position your cursor into the next line )
    • 4
      Now that you have your first line typed, hit ALT and ENTER at the same time. The cell will expand vertically and your cursor will automatically appear beneath your first line.
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      Continue to add as many lines as you'd like. This is a great, efficient way to position info in a cell. Hope this helps!
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      Thank you so much for reading my How to Start a New Line in Microsoft Excel. Good Luck!!

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