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How to Print Excel Spreadsheet Without the Row or Column Headings Blocks

Print Excel Minus those numbers and letters on the top and sides

Hi! Have you ever seen those number and letter blocks that run along the columns and rows on Excel? Those are called column headings and row headings. You might notice these printing out your spreadsheet but you don't want them there. How do you prevent this? This is the article that will teach you how to print Excel spreadsheet without the row or column headings blocks



    • 1
      OK! Let's get started. Go to your PC and open the Excel spreadsheet that you wish to print out.
    • 2
      Click FILE at the top of your PC screen
    • 3
      In the drop down box choose PAGE SET UP
    • 4
      In the page set up window that appears on your monitor, select the SHEET tab.
    • 5
      There's a section within this same window titled 'Print'. Within this section you'll see ROWS AND COLUMN HEADINGS with a check box next to it. Click on the box so that the check mark disappears.
    • 6
      Now, select PRINT and Choose your printer.
    • 7
      Click OK and your spreadsheet will print without the blocks with the letters and numbers in them. Thanks for reading my How to Print Excel Spreadsheet Without the Row or Column Headings Blocks article.

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