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How to Set Out of Office Away Message in Lotus Notes

How to Set Out of Office Away Message in Lotus Notesthumbnail
Set Out of Office Away Message in Lotus Notes

Hi! Setting up the Lotus notes out of office message on your computer will save you a lot of unwanted emails and save co workers and clients a lot of grief. It is real easy to do. Please read on to learn How To How to Set Out of Office Message in Lotus Notes



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      Navigate to either the INBOX, SENT, TRASH, DRAFTS , JUNK MAIL, or FOLLOW UP view.
    • 2
      Once one of these email views is up on your PC screen, look for the TOOLS button toward the top right of the screen on Lotus Notes
    • 3
      Click the TOOLS button.
    • 4
      A drop down box appears. Select OUT OF OFFICE ......
    • 5
      Go to The DATES tab. Select the date you are leaving and the date you are returning. Be sure you select the right day when you choose using the calendar. This can be tricky only in that the Lotus notes calendar that appears always shows Sunday as the last day of the week instead of the first day. Check it out, you'll see what I mean. I've mistakenly entered a Tuesday instead of Monday a lot of times.
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      The next tab OUT OF OFFICE MESSAGE. The SUBJECT BOX... either use the default message or change to your own subject
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      Below Subject Box is the message. In the box below that, enter any custom message you may with to enter, such as "Contact _____ at _____ during my absence "
    • 8
      The next tab is EXCEPTIONS. Here's where you get to decide who does NOT get your out of office message. There is also a section (which I admit I've never used) that will prevent an away message from being sent based on a particular phrase that may appear in the message.
    • 9
      Then click button ENABLE button, then the OK button on the next window that pops up on your computer screen. Now every time you receive an email to your Lotus notes, Lotus will send an email message back to the sender alerting them that your are away from the office.
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      Thanks for reading my How to Set Out of Office Message in Lotus Notes ! Now start typing on your PC and then take some time off !

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