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How to Have an Easy Picnic

With nice weather, nothing beats the enjoyment of a good, simple picnic while camping or just some outdoor fun. It takes a little preparation, but beyond that, it is easy and fun to do. Read on to learn how to have an easy picnic



things you'll need:

  • sandwiches
  • sides
  • toppings
  • sodas, cups
  • cooler or coolers
  • thermos (optional)
  • blankets
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      First, think about where you want to go for your picnic. Every city, suburb and rural area has information on a variety of local, state and national parks to choose from. There are many places that cater to camping, picnicking and barbecuing on the grill. You'll find each has a decent selection of benches, picnic tables and open level grass areas where you can stretch out and enjoy.
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      Once you've decided where to have your picnic, decide who you want to spend your time with. Whether you want to be in the company of that someone special or with a gang of family and friends, write out a guest list. This will help keep your information organized and will help you to determine how much food you need to bring.
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      In general, I try to keep the picnic simple. When picnicking in public places, I try to avoid fancy foods and grilling. Some parks prohibit grilling or only offer few grills to use. Bring food that is easy to make and easy to store. Sandwiches are a great idea and can be easily stored in tupperware or plastic wrap. Fruit and bagged snacks (potato chips, etc) are very easy to bring along also.
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      If you don't like to make a ton of sandwiches for your picnic, order some hoagies (hero's, subs, whatever you call them :-) and cut them into smaller pieces. Get a variety such as chicken salad hoagies, Italian hoagies, American, etc etc. That way there will be something for all of your company at your picnic.
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      Don't forget drinks as well. Bring two liter bottles of soda and bottled water. These, along with the sandwiches, can be stored in separate coolers.
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      Alcoholic beverages are fine too but keep in mind park rules and regulations. Most parks are policed and you don't want to ruin your picnic by breaking the law. Call the park police ahead of time if you aren't sure. They will be more than glad to answer any questions and may even be a great resource for some ideas you haven't thought of. I called ahead once and the ranger mentioned they had just restocked their lake. I mentioned this to some of the fishermen in the group and they were thrilled at the excuse to bring there rods and tackle.
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      Other great picnic sides would be the classic potato salad, cole slaw, dips for chips and pretzels, sliced pepperoni, etc. If you are not good at preparing these, you can easily buy them prepackaged at any grocery stores.
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      Don't forget toppings for the sandwiches. Ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise should suffice.
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      Use your guest list to determine how large of a cooler to bring your good and drinks in. If it is just two of you at the picnic, insulated lunch boxes and a thermos or two should do just fine. If there are many people, invest in a couple of large plastic coolers. For their size, these are surprisingly inexpensive even for the larger heavy duty plastic ones. Get ones with wheels if you feel you'll need to walk far from the car. If you are really on a budget and don't plan to picnic more often, invest in the ultra-inexpensive Styrofoam coolers. The Styrofoam ones are great if you really want to travel light. You can just throw them out after you use them if you choose. I go for the heavy plastic ones since I can use them again (better for the environment too, but it's up to you :-)
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      When determining your menu, review the guest list closely. Do you recognize anyone with allergies or dietary restrictions? Is anyone coming to the campsite / picnic site a diabetic? Does anyone one have religious rules (kosher, etc) regarding the foods they eat? Adjust accordingly. Don't let anyone feel left out.
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      Bring utensils (plastic or metal), plastic cups, and paper plates. Bring a roll or rolls of paper towels too. Don't be afraid to buy too many, you can always use them again for informal meals at home.
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      Very important, but often overlooked, bring something for a table cloth (if using picnic tables) or a big sheet to lay on the ground. If using a picnic table, consider bringing sheets to lay on the seats as well. Often picnic table seats are exposed to the elements, dirt, bird droppings, etc. Your guests will be impressed by your foresight.
    • 13
      Another heavily forgotten item is trash bags. Don't rely on the park having enough trash can space. Keeping your picnic neat and the trash separate really adds to a nice setting.
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      Frisbee, baseball gloves, and games are a nice touch too. Especially if it is an all day event.
    • 15
      When finished. Be sure to leave the area as good, if not even better than the way you found it. If park trash cans are too small, don't leave your trash bags on the park camp site, where birds or animals may break into them and scatter trash. Take the trash home with you where you can dispose of it properly. Again, people will be impressed by your foresight and it will be a good example for any of the children you may bring along.
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      I hope that helps show you how to have an easy picnic . Thank youuuuu!!!

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