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How to Eat Healthy Food at Work

Easy Way to Eat Heathier Foods at Work


Every day at work I hear people complain about how overweight they are, then at lunchtime they'll run right out to eat a pizza or grab fast food. Here's a real simple way to eat healthy food at work, very cheaply, without taking too much time.



things you'll need:

  • Ideally, a workplace that has a microwave.
    • 1
      I work Monday thru Friday. I want to eat healthy food at work , satisfy my appetite and avoid wasting my lunch break driving to unhealthy fast food stores or waiting for service at more expensive restaurants.
    • 2
      Consider making up anywhere from a few days worth to a week's worth of lunch on Sunday night. I like to have my favorite healthy meats (chicken breast, of course, is a great option) as well as one or pieces of delicious fresh fruit.
    • 3
      Pick something easy to make that you'll enjoy. Let's use boneless Chicken breast for example. On Sunday, preheat oven to around 350 degrees. Put 3 to 5 thawed chicken breasts depending on size in baking pan....
    • 4
      Season with chopped or crushed fresh garlic and rosemary or thyme or any other ingredient you like. Other options include onions, chili powder, cumin, curry or even Italian seasoning works great....
    • 5
      Put in pre heated oven for about 35 minutes uncovered. Take out and let stand for 20 minutes. If you are doing this for the first time, cut one of the breasts in half to make sure there is NO red or pink meat inside. If there is, put back into the oven and cook thru....
    • 6
      After pan cools, cover top with plastic wrap or transfer breasts into a container and put into refrigerator. ..
    • 7
      Each night before work, take a breast or half a breast (depending on your appetite) and put in a microwaveable plastic container ( ie tupperware ). Put container into a bag....
    • 8
      Also put a large piece of fresh fruit (banana or apple works great) in the bag also. Put in your refrigerator until you go to work....
    • 9
      The next day at work, when lunchtime comes around, put the room temperature chicken into a microwave on high for literally only 30-40 seconds. If meat is still cool put in for 60-70 seconds on high. The meat will be plenty hot enough.....
    • 10
      Then eat! Meat is a great food to make you feel full. Fresh fruit does a great job also. This lunch only costs a couple dollars a day. Much cheaper than wasting gas driving to a local restaurant only to spend your hard earned cash on too many calories.
    • 11
      Another bonus, since you've made a week's worth on Sunday, you'll already have tomorrow's lunch in the fridge at home. Break it up during the week by substituting different fruits each day or by making two different meats on Sunday.

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