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How to Change an Automobile Air Filter in Your Car

Changing to New Auto Engine Air Filters

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Change an Air Filter

Hi! I am no mechanic, but I've discovered that even an 'all thumbs' guy like me can change an air filter for a car. Car air filters remove debris from the air, before the air enters your engine. A clean air filter is important for fuel efficiency and a smooth running car.

Moderately Easy


Things You'll Need

  • Phillips head screw driver
  • New air filter
    • 1
      OK, go to any auto parts store and ask the clerk where the automotive air filters are.
    • 2
      Go to the air filter aisle. Be sure you know your car's make, model and year (ie 1995 Honda Civic DX). If you aren't sure, bring your owner's manual in with you. If you don't have that, ask the clerk if he or she can identify your car.
    • 3
      There should be a catalogue in the air filter aisle. Look up your car's make, model and year in the catalogue. The air filter part number specific to your car will be shown. Be sure to only use a serial number that matches your car. Anything else either won't fit or won't work. Match the part number to the correct filter on the shelf and buy it.
    • 4
      When you get home, turn off the car and open the hood. My car is a 1995 Honda Civic so things may look different in your engine. Find the compartment that houses your air filter.
    • 5
      Using a Philips head screw driver, unscrew the air filter housing so you can remove the top. Some cars it might just be a clamp so yours may differ.
    • 6
      Remove the top
    • 7
      Remove the old air filter simply by lifting it out. Throw in trash.
    • 8
      Put new air filter in and screw the lid down.
    • 9
      I hope that helps. It is real easy to do, real good for your car, and doing it yourself saves the unnecessary time and expense of going to the mechanic.

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