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How to Prevent Personal Injury Accidents at Work

How to Keep From Getting Injured at work

It is often said that the vast majority of workplace accidents are the fault of an employee and not equipment failure. Here are a few examples of how to prevent personal injury accidents at work.



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      Keep focused at all times. Mental distractions are a big cause of all accidents both at work and home. Often the pressures of home catch up with us at work. Try to resolve them before work. If that isn't possible make every effort to focus in spite of it. If that doesn't work, and your employer is understanding, discuss it with your boss. Maybe work can help
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      Leave arrogance at the door. Don't for a minute think an accident won't happen to you. Going through the day with a 'nothing can touch me' attitude can lead you ignore procedures, safety precautions and those around you. Disregarding your own safety puts everyone at risk.
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      Take your time! Understandably, we all face time constraints at work. After all, we are getting paid for our time. That said, don't rush your work or take unsafe shortcuts in order to complete your job. No shortcut is worth taking if you or someone else gets hurt. Once there is an injury you've lost all the time you've made up, plus a whole lot more!
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      Follow all safety procedures... this goes without saying.... but I've said it anyway :-)
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      Pre-Plan your work! This one is very overlooked especially when doing jobs we are familiar with. Preplanning helps you spot potential safety problems and will help you work more efficiently. The more efficient you work, the less you'll feel the need to rush, the safer you'll be.
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      Hopefully this article has shown you Prevent Personal Injury Accidents at Work. Please stay healthy so you can read more blog posts! We love having you around!

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