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How to Get Clean Clothes Laundry Dry

Best Way to Wash Clothing

Get Clean Clothes Laundry Dry

Here's a real simple article on the basics of how to get clean clothes laundry dry .



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      Sort your loads! Pretty much anything that you can wash together can be dried together. Keep items that give off a lot of lint (towels for example) together in the dryer. Same goes for clothing that 'receive' a lot of lint.
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      Don't overload the dryer. It promotes wrinkling and extends the time it takes for the clothes to dry. Nothing worse that wrinkled, wet clothes ;-) Keep your loads smaller rather than larger. They'll tumble and dry better.
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      The lint filter! Keep in clean for cryin' out loud :-) It is not only safer (less of a fire hazard) but it will also promote drier clothing.
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      Don't over-dry. Sometimes it helps if clothes aren't completely dry when you remove them... now, I'm NOT saying remove damp clothing, but if they are bone-dry you may find they are more wrinkled and some clothing (like cotton knits) may even shrink a bit if they are too dry.
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      Remove clothing promptly. Don't let clothing sit in the dryer too long after the dryer has stopped. They'll be more wrinkled than an old man's foot. Remove right away, smooth with your hand, and hang right up. You'll reduce time on the ironing board for sure :-)
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      Also check out my warnings below. Very important! Thanks for reading my How to Get Clean Clothes Laundry Dry

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