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Can't Turn Off Out of Office Message on IP Cisco Phone - Remove Here

Unable to turn off your out of away message on your IP Cisco work phone?  I admit, this is one of the goofiest things I've done when setting and removing away messages.  I figured I should write about it in case someone out there is having the same problem, which in my case, is just an absent minded mistake.
Normally, on my phone at work I'll set my away message and when I return I'll take it off by

-Hitting the 'MESSAGE' button
-Hearing the prompt to remove my out of office message
-Removing my out of office message by hitting the appropriate button as instructed by the prompt.
Well, recently I got back from being on vacation and when I checked my voice mail I noticed there was not a prompt.   I assumed that I had already turned it off and forgot about it already.  Then, during the week, people were telling me my away message was still on.  I checked my away message and it was not enabled.
What was the problem?
Simple!  I had accidentally changed my 'normal', out of office voice mail instead of my 'away' message. To remedy I,
-Pressed the 'MESSAGE' button
-Chose personal options
-Chose record personal greeting
-Chose record normal greeting
-Then follow the prompts and you'll be all set
I hope that helps you to remove your away message.

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