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How to Shave without Shaving Irritation

Get Rid of That Raw Face When You Shave

How to Shave without Shaving Irritationthumbnail
Shave without Shaving Irritation

Until not too long ago, my face always felt irritated after I shaved. Between irritation and occasional ingrown hairs, I figured my men's hair removal technique needed some changes. Let me share what really works well. Read on to learn how to Shave without Shaving Irritation



Things You'll Need

  • Sharp razor
  • Preshave Oil
  • Shaving cream, soap or gel
    • 1
      Take a hot shower. Shaving will always produce best results after a hot shower. In lieu of a shower, wash your face with hot (but not scalding) water. Take your time while washing in order to insure your whiskers soften and are well soaked
    • 2
      Dry off and apply preshave lotion or preshave oil. Believe it or not, I use a mild, inexpensive baby oil. Use an amount no bigger than a quarter in your palm and rub it into your whiskers. A very, very thin layer will be enough.
    • 3
      Using your favorite shave cream or gel, apply directly over the oil, over your whiskers. Your hand will work fine, but you'll get even better hair removal results if you apply gel or cream with a shaving brush.
    • 4
      Grab a sharp razor. The sharper the better. It sounds counter intuitive, but sharper blades remove more hair and leave less cuts
    • 5
      Shave in the direction of your whiskers while rinsing the razor in hot, hot water often. Do not shave in the opposite direction yet. Shaving with the direction will prevent ingrown hairs.
    • 6
      After shaving your whole face in the direction of your whiskers, reapply shaving cream over all of those stubborn facial hairs that just won't go away.
    • 7
      Always, reapply shaving cream in preparation for an "against the grain" shave. Many men fail to do this very simple step and critical step. Most of the irritation can either be caused or prevented during this step, so reapply!
    • 8
      Then shave those difficult whiskers in the opposite direction. The hair should remove no problem.
    • 9
      When finished, rinse your face in warm/hot water.
    • 10
      Apply your favorite post shave gel or lotion and then admire the wonderful work you've done in the mirror.

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