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How to Turn On / Off Ebay Checkout

How to Disable or Enable Ebay Checkout

There are a number of reasons for turning on or off Ebay checkout. Off? Maybe you favor a third party checkout? On? Maybe you want to eliminate your current third party checkout in favor of Ebay? Read on to learn how to Turn On / Off Ebay Checkout .



    • 1
      Log on to Ebay as you normally would.
    • 2
      Click on 'My Ebay'.
    • 3
      Just position your cursor over the 'account' tab (don't click it). The account tab is typically located next to 'messages tab.
    • 4
      When you position your cursor over the 'account' tab, in about 1 or 2 seconds a drop down window appears. In this drop down window click on 'Site Preferences'.
    • 5
      Look down and you'll 'Payment from Buyers'. Next to 'Payment From Buyers' is a link called 'Show' . Click on the 'Show' Link
    • 6
      At some point during this process, Ebay may ask you to log in again for (your own) security purposes. If it does, simply log in again. It will take your right back to where you left off....
    • 7
      After clicking the 'show' link, click on the 'Edit' link that appears right away (This too is in the 'payment from buyers' section)
    • 8
      A screen called 'Payment Preferences' appears and right below that is a section called 'Checkout Preferences'. If you want to use Ebay checkout, be sure the check mark in the box is checked. If do not want to use Ebay checkout then be sure the check mark is not in the box (uncheck it)
    • 9
      Keep in mind if you have disabled or removed a third party checkout (such as Auctiva) you MUST go back into Ebay and be sure your Ebay checkout is turned on. You want to keep that money coming! :-)

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