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How to Speed Up Your PC Mouse Pointer on your Computer Screen ( Windows )

Get Your Computer's Mouse to Run Faster

Did you know that your can change the speed of your mouse pointer very easily? This is easy to do on Windows. Read on to learn how to Speed Up Your PC Mouse Pointer on your Computer Screen



    • 1
      Click the Start Button on the lower left side of your PC screen.
    • 2
      Find the Control Panel icon and click it
    • 3
      When the control panel window opens, look for the "mouse" icon and double click it.
    • 4
      In the new window that appears, find the tab titled "pointer options". On my PC it is the third tab in at the top.
    • 5
      Right under the "pointer options" tab look for the words "select pointer speed". Directly below this title is a bar.
    • 6
      Using your mouse, drag the bar to the right to speed up your mouse pointer. Drag it to the left to slow it down
    • 7
      Before hitting OK and closing the window, move the pointer randomly around the screen to see if you are comfortable with the speed. Readjust if necessary
    • 8
      If you like the speed, simply hit the OK button and you are ready to go!

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