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How to Delete emails to Recover Memory on Lotus Notes

Get rid of emails and increase available memory on Lotus Notes

I think I know the best and easiest way to remove email from Lotus Notes to get regain memory. Sometimes though, you can go through all this on your computer and still find your memory is full. Grab that PC keyboard and let's get deleting!


    • 1
      First, open lotus and get to the view that lists all of your emails
    • 2
      Then, go to the left side of your PC screen and click VIEWS
    • 3
      Then Click ALL DOCUMENTS that appears beneath views. This will list all of your sent and inbox emails
    • 4
      Then, look just to the top of your emails just over the section that displays each email's mb's. It should say SIZE. Click SIZE until your emails are listed by mb (megabytes) in descending order. That is, the largest mb will be at the top, the smallest at the bottom
    • 5
      Begin by deleting the emails that have the largest mb megabyte size first, then work your way down. That way you'll recover more space while deleting the least amount of emails.
    • 6
      When you have deleted all of the emails you have chosen, go again to the left of your PC screen and click on the trash bin.
    • 7
      Then select the EMPTY TRASH button. All of your deleted emails will disappear.
    • 8
      If you find you are still getting memory full messages I think I know what the problem on....
    • 9
      Click on the SENT view so that you only see sent messages
    • 10
      Then click on SIZE like you did above. It is possible that you've merely removed sent messages from view instead of actually deleting them. If this is the case you'll see them here (but not in the ALL DOCUMENTS section)
    • 11
      Delete from the sent view just as you did above. That should free up some memory space fast.
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