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How to Dispute / Recover Attorney Legal Fees from Lawyer

 Getting Money Back From Lawyers

At some point in life, everyone will require an attorney. Unfortunately the day may come where you do not agree with the fees you've paid or billed for. Read on to learn How To Dispute / Recover Attorney Legal Fees from Lawyer



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      The first step I'd suggest is to think about your position in this argument. Be sure that your complaint relates to the actual fees you are charged. Some people dispute fees simply because they did not like their lawyer or the trial outcome. This may not be a good enough reason for someone to hear your complaint
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      Write down why you think your fees are excessive. Prepare an intelligent to the point statement that you can give either verbally or in written form.
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      Locate all records of lawyer fees you are charged as well as records of the legal fees you've paid. Gather all bills you've received and any proof of payment (returned checks, receipts, etc) you've already made. Also gather any proof you have of actual consultation and hearing time.
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      Review these records and determine which one's you should not be paying.
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      Contact your attorney and try to work things out. It is always best to come to a cordial agreement rather than go to a hearing. If this doesn't work...
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      Contact the local bar association that falls in the jurisdiction of your disputed fees. Most cities and counties have local attorney bar associations. If you live in Philadelphia, for example, look up the Philadelphia bar association
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      Explain that you'd like to dispute your fees and then follow the procedures they give you. Each state, city and county differs in the process so pay close attention to the details they give you.
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      In most cases the bar association will either recommend mediation or arbitration. In either case a neutral party or parties will listen to your lawyer explain why he or she thinks the attorney fees are fair and why you think they aren't.
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      Determine if the recommended course of action is right for you. Also understand if the decision regarding recovery of your legal fees is non binding or binding.
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      I hope that helps. The most important step in this process is to contact the bar association and follow their recommendation.
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      At your hearing, present your evidence and state your case intelligently. Don't get mad or emotional. Be to the point and be sure your argument relates directly to your dispute. The mediator or arbitration panel will have little patience if you waste their time.
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      Good luck!

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