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The Best Easy Mental Magic Card Trick to Perform

How to Do Best Easy Mental Magic Card Trickthumbnail
Do Best Easy Mental Magic Card Trick

I love easy magic tricks that baffle friends. This is not hard to remember and fun to do. You'll look like a magician without needing the slight of hand. Read on to learn How To Do Best Easy Mental Magic Card Trick



    • 1

      First tell someone in the room that you are going to read their mind. Put three columns of cards, 7 cards to a column down on the table.
    • 2
      Ask them to pick on the of the cards without touching it, pointing to it or otherwise telling you where it.
    • 3

      Then ask them what row the card is in. Remind them to only tell you the row and NOT point or tell where the card is. It'll ruin the magic mental card trick if they do. Let's say they pick the 3rd column.
    • 4

      Next two steps are very important. Whatever column they tell you, pick that up SECOND. So, for example, they picked the 3rd column, now YOU pick up the second column of cards
    • 5

      Then pick up the third column of cards
    • 6

      Put the third on top of the second
    • 7

      Then put the 1st on top of the second.
    • 8
      Basically whatever column they choose pick it up so that you put it in a pile BETWEEN the other two columns.
    • 9

      Without shuffling the cards, begin to lay the cards out in three Columns again BUT lay them out one card at a time, left to right like picture shown... (see for this mental magic card trick I'm putting the second card down next to the first. ..NOT below the first)
    • 10

      Keep laying out left to right as shown until you have three rows again.
    • 11
      Now, tell your friend to tell you what column the card is in now. Be sure to remind them to pick the same card they chose before. Basically continue this process two more times (repeat step 3 above, down to here twice)
    • 12

      After you've repeated above, ask him or her one last time which row the card is in. Believe it or now, no matter which card they chose, it will always appear right in the middle of the row they picked. It will always be the fourth card down. You'll look like a mental mind trick magician every time!
    • 13
      Now get out there and become a magician! Thanks for reading my How to Do Best Easy Mental Magic Card Trick

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  1. Nice magic tutorial . I love card magic . You have included the tutorial wisely. Photo tutorial and description are really helpful to catch the tricks quickly . Thanks for your great tutorial.
    easy magic tricks