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Is The Movie Resue Dawn a Factual Real True Story or Lie

Is the movie "Rescue Dawn" the truth or is it  a work of fiction?  

Werner Herzog's movie, Rescue Dawn, stars Christian Bale as Deiter Dengler, the ill fated air force pilot who is shot down in Laos during the Vietnam War. The film itself is fairly predictable (see my review here) but perhaps that is because it is a true story and sometimes the truth can be predictable. Right?

Well.... maybe? Maybe not?

There are a couple of web sites that claim that Werner Herzog's rescue dawn is a scam and there are some depictions that are potentially libelous (the family of fellow prisoner of war Eugene 'Gene' Henry felt there son was incorrectly dishonored by the movie)

I can not claim that the movie is complete truth or fiction, though I suspect it is a little of both. Hollywood tends to manipulate or even discard the truth in favor of their own artistic license, which neither makes for a 'true story' or even a better film.

The link I have below leads to a website that takes a look at what it claims the lies are in Rescue Dawn. I'm not affiliated with the site but found it interesting.

Check it out below:

Rescue Dawn - True Story Depicting Real Events or Just a Scam Lie ?

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