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Meaning of DDC Customs Shipping International Shipments

DDC is one of the many charges you may see when sending cargo overseas.  DDC means "Destination Delivery Charge"

I occasionally coordinate international shipments at work.  Not too long ago I asked for a price quote on overseas cargo and our customs broker had mentioned that his charges would include DDC (Destination Delivery Charge.)   Naturally I was curious what this charge was all about.

Destination Delivery Charge, from what I understand, is a cost that is added onto the total shipping price. I basically is the cost of a series of short transports off the steamship and throughout the terminal.  For example it costs money to crane a sea freight container off the ship. It also costs money to move through the gate at the terminal.

I am definitely not a customs broker or full time transportation professional so do check with your own customs broker or logistics provider for detailed information on DDC and how it applies to you or your company.  I'm just giving a basic overview here.

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