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Using Corrugated Boxes and Poly Plastic Liner Often Cheaper than Drums

Using cardboard corrugated boxes is a very popular way to package a large variety of goods.  Manufacturers, when possible, often prefer packing out materials in cardboard boxes to be much cheaper than using poly and steel drums.  This makes sense considering the cost of a corrugated box is much less expensive than using a steel or plastic ( poly ) drum.

If your product is safe and enough and stable enough to pack into a cardboard / corrugated box you might also need to consider using a polyethylene liner bag to line the box.   I have seen poly bags used often for safe, dry chemicals as well as other products.  The liner, especially for fine, granulated product for example, helps keep the product in the box or carton.  The plastic  bag inside helps to keep the contents protected from rain water and other moisture as well.

Sizing a bag to a box or carton is important.  You want the right fit to for best performance and price.  I posted two articles on the subject and linked below.  Please check them out.

Measure a Plastic Bag to Fit Rectangle Shaped Box

Measure a Plastic Bag to Fit a Square or Cube Shaped Box

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