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Don't drink Cold Water With This Cinnamony Minty Spicy Gum - Tongue Hurts!

Ever eat a really minty gum and drink a cup of cold water? Ouch!  It makes me wince just thinking about it. 

 Drinking cold water after chewing a minty gum can really make your tongue jump up and scream.  What is most interesting about the pain your tongue feels is that it is a sensation of extreme cold in your mouth.  Sort of like a burning feeling only it is freezing cold :-) If you have never experienced this, it is more like that electric sensation you may get if you have sensitive teeth and eat really cold ice cream.

It is not just the minty gum that can really bring you down.  It is the spicy cinnamon gums out there that can really give you some kick.   As a rule of thumb, if you are about to start chewing any gum that is red or bleach white in color,  stop and drink your ice cold water first.  If you try doing it while you are chewing or shortly after disposing of the gum, you'll be hating life.

I'm not entirely sure what causes this but some ideas I have heard is that simply cinnamon, mint and menthol makes the surface of your skin sensitive.  I read out there on the internet that a Big Red wrapper, for example, when licked and placed on your forehead  (which of course we all do :-) causes a burning sensation.  

I have also heard that eating these gums triggers your cold receptors in your mouth and makes them very heightened (ie causes you more agony) to anything cold.

One gum that I love but it pounds the life out of my mouth drink water while chewing it is Dentyne Fire Sugar Free Gum.  This gum is really terrific but keep away from cold water :-)  It hurts ! :-)

Another one is the classic Big Red chewing gum.  That will do it to it will give you quite a pounding, but well worth the great flavor of both gums

I did a review on Dentyne Fire Sugar Free Gum and linked it below.  Check it out.

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  1. The person's tongue in this picture looks like a little alien type guy with his eyes closed and with a massive cranium