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Is Snipsly Working ? Can You See Snipsly's Page Views? Learn How Here

I have posted a ton of posts on Snipsly.  I can't say I've earned much in Adsense revenue on Sniply so I was wondering if it was worth to continue posting.

The first thing I asked myself was whether I am actually getting any page views on Snipsly.  I struggled to find a way to track the amount of visits to my posts so I wasn't sure if Snipsly was working or not.   I contacted the website and they got back to me and told me what to do.

Basically, you want to add Snipsly to your Google Analytics account.  When I did this I was relieved to find that I was getting page views and some of my backlinks were working and feeding traffic to other sites my posts are on.  I suppose the site works after all :-)  Not much Google revenue and a minimal amount of traffic, but I am getting some.

If you want to know a bit about setting up Google Analytics, I wrote an article on the subject and posted it below.  Check it out.

Get Pageview Count with Google's Help - Click Here

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