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Which is Better Marie Callender's Pie or Genuardis Pecan Pies

I love eating pecan pies. Some of the best pecan pies are baked in local bakeries and taste delicious.  Hard to beat a good, local bakery recipe.

With that in mind, some bakeries have strange hours so I'll check out the local Genuardi's ( or, as many are called now, Weiss ) supermarket bakery for some baked pies.  I'm not always thrilled with their bakery goods but it works in a pinch.

For years I'd buy pecan pies from Genuardi's (aka Weiss Market ) bakery.  I typically find that the first slice I have tastes good but is lacking something.  It isn't until I put it into the refrigerator and eat a slice the next day that the pie's flavor really wakens up and is much more satisfying. I love the density of Genuardi's ( also known as Weiss Market ) pecan pie filling it is creamy with the right density.

The pecans on top of a Genuardis pie are a bit overwhelming in slightly bitter flavor. I feel like, in my novice baking view, that Genuardis should do something with their pecans ,such as sweeten  them or simply use less.

Genuardis ( Weiss ) crust is good, though I don't care for the flavor of the rim of the crust.  To me it often has a burnt taste which leaves a not so pleasing taste in the mouth.

I started eating Marie Callender's pecan pies for a change of pace.  For the record, Marie Callender's pies are frozen and Genuardis are sold fresh.

 I like Callender's crust better than Genardi's (ahem... Weiss ). Callenders crust, when thawed of course, has that nice flaky texture and cooked to perfection taste.

Marie Callender's pecan topping also has a nice flavor and nice texture.

The filling in Callender's pies seems more processed and, I suspect, less bakery authentic than Genuardi's pecan pies. To be blunt, Callender's looks more like canned filling versus Genuardi's fresh baked appearance.   That said, somehow Callenders still tastes really, really good.  I find the flavor to be addicting in some ways and very satisfying.

Which pie is better Marie Callendar's or Genuardi's ?     I think both play off each other nicely. When you need a break from one, try the other for a nice change of pace.  Overall though, I much prefer Marie Callendar pecan pies over Genuardi's supermarket pecan pies.

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