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How to Store Mesh Bright High Visibility Safety Vest In Office Cubical - Cube Hangers

Storing those mesh green, high visibility safety vests in your cubical at the office can be done in a number of ways.  The beauty of the construction of high visibility vests is that you can easily rumple them up and throw them in a desk drawer or lay over your chair.

Doing this is all fine and good.  I'm sure it doesn't harm the vest but it doesn't help it's appearance, nor does folding it up allow it to air out either.

When I wanted to properly hang my vest all I did was simply requisition a new cubical hanger. This is basically a hanger designed to hang neatly in an office cubicle.

Some of the benefits  of using the specialized cubical hangers are:

1. Hanging my vest helps keep it unwrinkled
2. Easy to find
3. Keeps my cube from looking uncluttered and more organized.

I wrote an article on cubical hangers and it includes a few photos as well. These pictures will help you visualize how well it works.

I also did an article on safety vests regarding how much of a pain those green and orange mesh vests can be when taking them on and office.  There is an easier way.

I have linked them below.

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