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Walnut Street Theater Philadelphia Dress Code - Learn Here


I was given a ticket recently to see a play at the Walnut Street Theater.  I had never visited the Walnut Street Theater so I was concerned about dressing properly.  I asked a few people what the dress code was but I could not get a clear answer.  I sort of just wrung it and it worked out well.

For the Record

The Walnut Street Theater's web site states that there is no formal dress code though it does suggest semi-casual attire.  What the heck is semi casual? After minimal research it seems semi casual attire indicates something you will look good in but still be comfortable. Smooth fabrics, dresses that come to the knee, khaki pants, loafer type shoes, even sandals may be appropriate during warm weather.

What I Saw and What Clothes Worked for Me

I was just about ever style of clothing so you could more or less wear what you want and be comfortable.  I personally would not wear a tee shirt and jeans although one couple in front of us did just that. The men in the crowd mostly wore button down casual shirts. For pants, the men wore fashionable jeans (not the kind you'd mow the lawn in), khakis, and corduroys.  The women more or less did the same and many had knee length skirts.

I am a guy so I wore fashionable jeans, dark leather Sketchers and a solid dark blue, short sleeved, collar golf-type shirt.

I felt very comfortable wearing this and not out of place.  The nice part about going to the Walnut Street Theater is that it is hard to go wrong on the dress code.  Some people really set the bar low with tee shirts, while others raised it more dressier clothing

Whatever you decide to wear, go for it and you should be fine.  If you want to play it safe, err on the more dressier side rather than vice versa. No one will fault you for looking good.

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  1. Dress codes are kinda out of date I think. Steve Jobs wore the same pair of pants and a loose sweater literally wherever he used to go. I don't think that going to the theater is such a great event.