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Mouse Broken? You Can Move Up Down and Left Right Without a Mouse on an Excel Spread Sheet or Lotus Mail

OK, you are working on an Excel spread sheet and trying to meet a deadline.  Your clicking and entering data on these spread sheets and everything is going just fine until your mouse stops working.  The mouse is broken and the cursor will not move.  Sure, you can use the arrows to move the cursor but what about scrolling the  whole screen?

Same goes with Lotus Notes!  You have critical emails to churn out, appointments to make, attachments to save and reminders to enter.  Now your mouse has died.   How can  scroll within Lotus Notes without a mouse?

It is possible to get that page to move up, down, left, right using just your keyboard.  I wrote an article on the subject and hope that it helps.  I have linked it below.

Scroll Emails and Spreadsheets Without a Mouse

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