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How to Cancel MLB.TV Subscription

Cancelling your subscription is not super easy to do.  In the frequently asked questions (FAQ) sections on / they will tell you that you can log into any page and then find "MY on any page at the top right corner and click on it.  At least on my account, this is not accurate.  You can look for MY but you might not find it.  I certainly can not see that link on when I am logged in.

If you had the same problem that I had cancelling my account, do not fret.  I figured out the problem.

What you really need to find is the world "Welcome!" in the upper right corner of their web page.

When you click on "Welcome" a drop down menu will appear.

Then, in that drop down menu, click on "Audio / Video Subscriptions"

You'll be taken to the "Audio / Video Subscriptions" page.

Click the "Cancel Subscriptions" button

Now.... couple fine points you should remember and watch out for.......

You will be taken to a second page.  There is a drop down menu where you'll be asked why you want to cancel. Choose your reason (mine was all the freakin' blackouts!)

Then read the information in the check box below the 'reason' drop down menu.  Before checking the box make sure you are aware of the correct button to click.  If you want to stop your subscription AND you DO NOT want it to AUTOMATICALLY renew, be sure to click the "Cancel Subscription" button

If you want to automatically renew the following year (why the heck would you want to do that if you are closing your account now is a mystery to me but if you are renewing next season ) click "Cancel this season, but automatically renew next season"  Again, do NOT click this if you want to close your account.

I highly recommend going with the simple "Cancel Subscription"  You can always manually renew next year if you change your mind.  If you go with the other button and let your account auto-renew and then cancel it after 5 days it goes back into effect, you'll still be charged for the balance of the month (with monthly subscriptions) or the balance of the season (for full season subscription) depending on which plan you select.

That's it!  Hope That Taught You How to Cancel MLB.TV Subscription.

Thanks for reading

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  1. Thanks very much for the instructions on how to cancel MLB TV. They sure are weasels! I'm thankful for your kindness and help.
    Eric in San Diego, CA

  2. It's baffling that an organization this inflated with cashflow will not design a usuable website. This is the most convoluted site I have ever tried to cancel from in the last 10 years. Even amateur websites have got it right.

    I followed their instructions alright. And when I press cancel, it sits and spins, sits and spins. Javascript allowed, Firefox or Chrome, sits and spins.

    So I use their menu to contact customer service/billing and explain my situation, and ask them to cancel. I get the automated confirmation of request, 3 days later, no response...and we're now baring down on monthly spring training subscriptions making their way to my credit card.

    Slime! I read the fine print for alternate cancellation methods that are mentioned in two locations, each with 2 different email addresses contradicting each other.Let me guess; I chose the "wrong email" Now I sit here and wait and hope I don't have to fight then if I get renewed.

    These guys are on par with scam sites like Intellius and Spokeo...unbelievable.

    From the instructions:

    " to cancel your subscription at any time, you may login to your account by clicking on "My (Login)" on the top right of all pages and then accessing the "Audio/Video Subscriptions" section and following the instructions, or contact Customer Support by phone toll free in the U.S. at 866-800-1275 (International customers can dial 512-434-1542) or email at"

    And then...

    " If you wish to cancel your current subscription, you can do so by accessing the "Audio/Video Subscriptions" section of your account and following the instructions or by e-mailing us at"

    Thanks for the post... I'm glad it came up on the first page of Google results.

    - Will

  3. Thank you for helped me much.

  4. It seems simple now, but after 5 minutes of clicking around the site looking for the usual "my account" link I went to google and found this page. Thank you.

    The service is undeniably excellent, but 130 bucks for the year is too much. I'm happy to wait again for the bargain end-of-summer discount again.

    I do love this obvious statement: If you decide to cancel, your subscription will not be automatically renewed for the 2014 season.

    Are people really that thick?