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High Rated Keyboard Wrist Rest Pad by Fellows

Fellows Wrist Pad for Keyboard - Heavily Used But Still Durable
I’ve been using a Fellows brand keyboard wrist rest for years now. I generally buy office supplies on line when I am at the office and online is how I purchased my Fellows Keyboard pad.

Take a look at the picture I have posted. If you are seeing this image when you shop at great sites like Amazon or other online office supply outlets, you will want to keep in mind that this is a ‘memory foam’ wrist pad meaning there is no gel. I think I prefer the foam over the gel. The fellows foam pad is nice and firm. I like the firmness because it ensures my wrists are elevated off the keys and supposedly that helps to minimize my chances of getting carpel tunnel (for disclosure purposes, I am not a doctor, by sites like WebMd and other medical sources seem to indicate there are health benefits to keeping your wrists raised off the keyboard).

The gel ones are nice but my wrists sink and I sometimes worry that eventually the gel will leak out. Don’t laugh too hard (though I am a little bit myself) at my paranoia. I’ve had foam pads for years and as the outer cloth wears off, it exposes the foam. I’m thinking if this happened with the gel there’d be some kind of natural disaster going on your desk. The foam is solid and won’t spill. The gel, I’m not sure.

The outer surface of the foam keyboard pad is a comfortable fabric. I sometimes do think they could tweak this a little and go with something even softer for additional, luxurious comfort. Then again if they were using some soft chinchilla fur or something like that, the pad would cost a fortune (lol).

The pads I use generally work for years. I’ve been told I should change it more often just for hygiene purposes but I can’t attest that I’ve ever caught a bug off my pad (I don’t like the wrist rest pad very often

If you have a keyboard that does not have a straight sides (ie the more ergonomic keyboards that are bent) this pad won’t work too well. The side of the Fellows wrist rest that presses against the keyboard i is straight as an arrow and fits the length of the keyboard. 

Ergonomic Wrist Pad Beat Up From Years of Work But Still Going

If you are looking for something more oohey-gooey, I’d suggest purchasing the gel style. Your wrists will sink into it better. That might be more comfortable but I’m not sure how ergonomically healthy that is in the long run. The solid foam has a memory where it always springs back to its original size and generally stays comfortable but firm even when your wrist is on it.

If you are interested in checking out some Fellows wrist pads click on the link below to see more details on Amazon's secure trusted site.  I highly rate this keyboard wrist pad by Fellows but see for yourself on their site.

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