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Delete Sent Lotus Notes Mail without Message

 “You are about to delete documents from this view as well as from all folders to which this document belongs. Continue deleting these documents or only remove them from this view?”    Have you ever received this message?  It is pretty annoying isn't it?   If you want to learn how to delete Lotus Notes mail in your sent bin without getting this message, keep reading. This post will teach you to delete send Lotus Notes emails without any messages interrupting.

Step 1 - Action

Click on “Action” which is at the top of the Lotus Notes window

Step 2 - Position Cursor Over "Tools"

A drop down menu will appear under the action command.  Hover your cursor over “Tools” without clicking on it.

Step 3 - Preferences

In the choices that appear to the side of “Tools” choose “Preferences”

Step 4 - A Window Opens Up

A window will open up on the screen. Make sure you are on the “Basics” tab.  The "Basics" tab is typically already opened on Lotus Notes by default.  If it isn't, just click on it.

Step 5

Look for “Delete / Remove Preference for Sent View” section

Step 6 - Always Delete Setting

Look for the drop down arrow. Click the drop down arrow and change from "Always Ask" to "Always Delete."

Once set to “Always Delete you won’t be asked that lotus message again when deleting sent mail.

Step 7

Click the "OK" button and you are finished. You won't be asked the "You Are About To Delete Documents...." message again when deleting emails from you sent bin.

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