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Enable Disable Java Applets JavaScript on Lotus Notes

Enabling or Disabling Java Applets and JavaScript on Lotus Notes in not something that a lot of us do every day.   Most Lotus Notes users, like myself, are not real familiar with Java Applets and Javascript and simply let these programs run quietly in the background.

If you ever run into a situation where you need to turn on or turn off JavaScript / Java Applets on Lotus Note you have come to the right place to teach you the basics.   I had to do this when I called PC support one time.  I honestly can not remember what it was I was trouble shooting but the IT team was able to help by letting new how to activate and deactivate these programs

Just follow these steps (works best with Lotus version 7.0.02) :

Click on "File" at the very top, left corner of your Lotus Notes screen.  

On the file menu that appears, click "Preferences"

Then select "User Preferences" in the menu that appears to the side.

Look to the top of the left hand corner window that appears and click on the "Basics"

Then look down into the field that says "Additional Options"

For turning on and off Java Applets, scroll up to "Enable Java Applets" add check mark to enable, remove check mark to disable.

For turning on and off JavaScript, scroll up to "Enable JavaScript" add check mark to enable, remove check mark to disable.

Hope that Helps!

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Don't Let This Problem Stop You On Windows

I Can't Close The About Lotus Notes Window

Someone asked you what version of Lotus Notes you are using.  You clicked on "Help" at the top of the screen and you chose  "About Notes" in the menu that appeared.

Unfortunately, you were in the middle of a couple of email drafts and now your Lotus Notes appears locked up.  The About Lotus Notes window, that window that tells you what version of Lotus you are using will not go away.  Your entire email program is frozen and the window will not leave your PC screen.

How to you get that window to close?  Do you need to close Lotus on the task manager? Do you need to hard reboot your PC computer?

No!  Don't do any of that.  For some reason,  the "about" or "version" window does not close by more conventional means of close box or click on something else.  What you need to do is press the escape button <ESC> on your computer keyboard and this block will go away.

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What Happens When I Click Maybe On Match ? Answered Here

Match . com will offer up daily matches for members to review and see if they are interested.  The subscriber will review each of the daily matches one by one and in response to the 'Are You Interested " questions will click either 'yes', 'maybe' or 'no' (ie 'Yes I'm interested', 'Maybe I'm interested', and 'No, I'm not interested')

Some people ask what happens when I click ' maybe ' on Match?  This is a good question since a lot of members already know that if you click 'yes' (you are interested) for a particular member, that member is notified that he or she has caught your attention.   There is some trepidation that a 'maybe' response sends a message to that member indicating that you are only 'maybe' interested in them.  For some, including me, this would be an awkward, stilted, arrogant and somewhat insulting message to send to someone.

So When I Click The Maybe Button, does it tell the Match subscriber that I am interested?

No! It does not. No message (at least as of the time of this post) goes out telling them that you maybe have an interest in that member.

I hope that helps!

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Black Particle Pieces on Office Floor Rug Mat - Need Wheels For Chair

For weeks I notice that the rug on my office floor and the chair mat that protects the rug was getting littered with these mysterious little black pieces.   These little black marks are pliable, soft, and light.  Every day they would appear on the floor and then by morning they would disappear.

The disappeared each night because the maintenance team would vacuum my floor and they'd be gone.  It wasn't until the janitor asked me, "Hey, what are those little things

What Are These Small Black Particles on the Ground ?

We'll, it turns out they pieces off the caster wheels on my chair.  I really like the chair I have in my office and it was pretty expensive so I have decided to keep using this chair until it is not longer comfortable or until it simply won't work anymore.  I have had the chair for years. The chair has held up great but the caster wheels over time, just like tires on a car, must have simply worn out.

Are All The Office Chair Wheels Shedding Tread?

Actually no, some are in good shape but two wheels are shedding little black pieces. One is real bad.

Is it Time to Buy a New Office Chair?

No. The office chair is in great shape.  If your chair is in good shape don't by a new office chair, just get new wheels for your chair.  Chair wheels are referred to as "caster" wheels. Casters can differ in quality and size but they all allow you chair to roll in any direction.

Where Can I Buy New Caster Wheels for My Office Chair

Just about any office supply store will carry casters or they can get them for you.

What Do I Need to Know Before Ordering Casters?  Can I Install Them Myself

Casters are pretty easy to replace.  I wrote an article on this topic and linked it below. Check it out.

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What to Take When I Have Sporting Goods Store Put Fishing Line on My Spinning Reel

 Having the sporting goods store put fishing line on your reel is an easy and often cheap way to put line on fast.

When the store puts new line on your reel for you, they can do it real fast with motorized equipment that put the line on your reel quickly and evenly.  

There are certain tips and things to remember when you take your reel to the store so they can put line on it.  Keep this in mind:

-Don't take your rod.   The store won't need it to put line on your reel. They just need the spool from the reel.

-Don't bother to take off the old line.  The store will remove old line from the reel spool as part of the cost for putting new line on.  You can take the line off but it will take you a little longer and old line is a mess.  Let the store do it.

-You don't need the whole reel for the store to put fishing line on. You just need the spool.

Steps to Just Take the Spool Part of Spinning Reel Off The Rod

Step 1 -  Look at the top of the spool. There is a screw you can grab between thumb and forefinger.

Step 1 -  Look at the top of the spool. There is a screw you can grab between thumb and forefinger.
Step 2 - Turn the screw counterclockwise until it comes off. Believe it or not, it will take longer than you think to take it off.  Keep turning until the spool is completely removed.

Step 3 - Take the spool portion only to the store.  It'll be small and easy for you to carry instead of that bulky reel.
Good luck. I hope that helps to let you know what the store will need when you take your reel to get spooled with new line.

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Blackberry ShortCut Keys That Allows You to View Calendar Appointments / Meetings

Whether you are using a blackberry or a smartphone or a PC or Mac or an iPad or whatever, you want to navigate quickly and easily.  I think this is especially true on the blackberry. Blackberries are often used on-the-go and you want to get through the commands quick and fluently.  
This article will show you the short cut keys for calendar events.
Keep in mind that shortcut keys do not work unless you have the  "Enable Quick Entry" in Calendar Options set to “No.”
Once Enable Quick entry is set to no you can also use the following shortcut keys while in your Blackberry calendar:

"C" creates a new appointment in detailed mode.
"T" send you to today staying in current view.
"G" goes to a specific date.
"D" sets your blackberry calendar to day view.
"W" goes to week view.
"M" puts it  into month view.
"A" is for the agenda view.
That is about for calendar short cuts for now.  Thanks for reading.

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Use That BlackBerry Trackball to View Appointments Fast

View Blackberry Day Week Month Appointments Easy Fast With Trackball

Blackberry users always seem to be people on the go.  Multitasking, constant movement.  Blackberry users seems to be the travelling corporate type trying to complete a lot of goals in a little time.  

Getting things done quick, easy and fast on a Blackberry is of the essence.  Blackberries can be tough to navigate especially when you are on the run, so be sure to get done what you can in the easiest possible manner.

You can navigate your Blackberry calendar quickly and easily by following just a few steps. This article will help you to better view appointment times and stay organized.

Get yourself into the blackberry calendar first.

Then click your trackball. Once you do this you'll be able to select from a number a options or views I should say.
If you choose "View Day" you'll see summary for the day, showing appointments organized by their times.
If you select "View Week" you will see seven-day summary that shows each appointment by their times.
Choosing "View Month" tells your Blackberry to show every day of month with appointments organized by the day.
Lastly, the "View Agenda" command will list your upcoming appointments in detail view.
I hope that helps ! 
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Where is Love Park In PA - What is It Like to Visit ?

Where is Love Park - What is It Like to Visit


Love Park is located on 15th and 16th and JFK  Boulevard (aka  Arch Street) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.  It is right next to Suburban train station not far from City Hall ( you can see City Hall from the park)

Why is It Called Love Park?

Because of the "Love" Sculpture / Statue located on the southeast corner of the park. It was created by Robert Indiana.  The design is not completely unique and Indiana's similar work is found in other cities.  It is a popular photo-op spot.

Visiting Love Park - What to Expect:

Love Park takes up one city block. It sits right on top of a parking garage so parking is convenient.

There is a pretty nice, large water fountain that sprays water into the air I'd guess 30 feet or so. In front of the fountain is the Love statue.

The Fairmount park visitor center is located on the park grounds as well.

The park used to be famous for the amount of skateboarders it drew.  In a somewhat minor-controversial decision, skateboarding was banned in the park but every so often skateboarders and freestyle bicyclists can be found there.

I find there to be a fairly large amount of homeless people that line the south side of the park as well as some within the park.

The Pros of Love Park:

Love Park is free and easy to get to. Parking is easy (but not free)

The Love Statue is a fine place to get a picture of yourself and that someone special.  There is no cost and photographs are allowed (bring your own camera).

The statue and the fountain are nice to look.

The Cons of Love Park:

There is not much to do in Love park other than sit for a minute and look at the scenery.

Some people may find it a little seedy at times. The park clientele doesn't bother me. I've never had a problem with the homeless but some visitors might find the amount of homeless a little unnerving. The occasional skateboarder on the scene will be the dark clothed, tattooed type, but I've never had problems that the skater's either.  I kind of miss them being around.

Getting a photo-op in front of the statue can take a while. There is usually a line of people waiting to take a picture and you'll have to wait your turn. This isn't really a bad thing.  It shows the popularity of Love Park as well as the romantic side.  You will be in line a few minutes though.

To Sum Up:

Check out Love Park but don't plan your day on it.  Be sure to get a photo of the statue.

 If you haven't been to Philadelphia before, when you get done at the park be sure to check out the local sites.  The most popular downtown attractions will be south and east of the park. Shopping, bars, art, historical attractions etc.  That's not to say there are not cool things north and west.


There is (or was) a Giant Macaroni U Shaped Noodle in Love Park - What The Heck Is That?!

Fast, Fun and Great Things to Do in One Day In Philadelphia

What is That Big Macaroni Noodle in Love Park Philadelphia

There is a giant macaroni noodle in Love Park in Philadelphia.  At first I thought it was another work of art by Clause Oldenberg.  You've likely seen Oldenberg's work if you have walked around center city Philadelphia enough. Oldenberg is the creator of the giant clothespin near city hall's subway entrance. He old made the big "Torch" up the street on Broad near the Philadelphia Academy of Fine Arts.

Seems to make sense that Clause Oldenberg would have made this big, curved macaroni noodle too as well, right? Wrong.

Actually, this big noodle was installed by Kraft, the noodle company.  Kraft gave money the Fairmount Park commission to offset costs this year and got to place this noodle there in return.

I have to say, it isn't the worst art-turned advertisement (or vice versa) I have ever seen. I'll estimate it is about 12 feet long and 5 feet high (maybe six as it is on a platform) The shape and position of the noodle makes it look like a big smile and has the words "You Know You Love It" printed across.

Like the Love Sculpture in Love Park, this noodle is fun and positive (even if it is just an ad).  It fits in well, though I do think it crowds Robert Indiana's  "Love" sculpture a bit.

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How to Move File Folder to My Documents Above Start Button

On Windows PC computers there is a "My Documents" folder that is located just above the "Start" button. When you click on the Start button the Start Menu pops up and your can find the My Documents folder in the upper right hand corner of this menu.

I recently noticed that the folder where I actually store my documents on my hard drive could not be accessed by clicking on the "My Documents" in the start menu.  It took me a minute to figure out and I was able to set up my PC so that every time I clicked on "My Documents" in the Start Menu I was immediately sent to the file I need.

Please read on to learn  How to Move File Folder to My Documents Above Start Menu

Step 1

Find the folder that you want to pin to "My Documents"

Step 2

Right click on that folder

Step 3

In the box / window that appears, position your cursor over "Send to"

Step  4

In the box / window that appears select "My Documents"

Step 5

In the upper left corner of your PC screen you'll see the file transfer begin.  This can take anywhere from a few minutes to much longer. My file transfer took about 15 minutes.  Once that completes, you can then go to Start-My Documents and then you'll see your folder

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What Is a CVV2 Number - Find On Credit Card?

I'm sure that non- user friendly credit card terms drive you crazy.  I mean, who in their right mind wants to look up the meaning of every word related to credit cards, credit card terms and conditions, interest rates, penalties, late fees, etc.

So, recently when buying something with my credit card on line I was asked for my CVV2 number.  What the heck is a CVV2 number anyway?

Well, it turns out it is that little three digit security code on the back of your card.  Why didn't they just say "the three digit security code on the back of your card" ?  You got me. Regardless, it means the same thing.

Anyway, next time someone asks you for the CVV2 number, that is what it is. You find it right on the back of your card.

CVV by the way means "Card Verification Value"  Makes sense right? Not.  LOL

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Why Coupons Might Be Better to Buy Than Unwanted Gift Cards Online

There are some ways of saving money by spending money.  Two ways are:

1. Buy Unwanted Gift Cards or a Gift Card at discount on line

2. Buy Coupons on line

If you buy a gift card at discount online you are buying the value of that card.  Your motivation is to buy a gift card for less than what the value is. If you buy a $100 gift card for $95, you will save $5 when you spend the whole card.  You typically will need to do this on sites like Ebay where people are selling unwanted gift cards for less than what they are worth.  They want the cash, you want the value of the card.

If you buy a coupon online, you are paying for the discount you get on the coupon.  If you spend $.50 on a $10 coupon, you'll wind up saving $9.50 on the product you bought the coupon for.

Why Buy Coupons?  

Why? You buy a coupon when you, 1) know you are going to make a purchase in near future 2) you have no coupons available to you at home for this purchase 3) you see the coupon on line and wish to buy it, knowing that you will save more money than if you did not have it.

Which is Better.... A Coupon or Gift Certificate

It really depends but if you can buy a coupon that has the same value as the gift certificate, you are better off buying the coupon for one good reason..... the coupon is typically cheaper. Way cheaper.

I've seen $100 gift certificates sell for $80.   I've seen 20% off coupons sell for less than a dollar.   With the $100 gift certificate you buy on Ebay for $80, you save 20% ($100 - $80 = $20 or 20% discount)  when you spend the entire $100 on the card. The card.   If you buy a 20% off coupon for $1, all things being equal, you can get the same $20 off $100 for only $1. 

 If you never use the coupon or lose it, you are only out $1.  If you never use the gift card or lose it, you are out $80.

Not that it is always possible to find coupons that discount the same products as gift cards.  Often coupons have pesky disclaimers that gift cards do not.  For the most part, gift cards can be treated as cash .  They can also be sold as cash too (that's another story)

Coupons are discounts but come with lots of rules. They are not cash.

In essence, all things being equal, you can get a greater discount, with less cash outlay on a coupon than you ever would if you bought a gift certificate.


Definition of All Samsung Reality Phone Icons

I realized recently  that i really did not know what all those text message envelopes on my reality cell phone mean. Actually, I really did not know what any of the icons anywhere on the phone meant.  I went to the manual that came with my Samsung Reality phone. I was hoping there was a page that showed an image of each icon and then defined it.  No such luck!  The Samsung Reality users manual is really just a quick way to get your started and not meant to make you a true cell phone expert.

I went on line to look for some answers as to what these text message envelope icons mean.  I eventually found out that all the answers I need where hidden on my phone.

Your Samsung Reality cell phone has a glossary, sort of anyway, of all those little image icons.  It isn't real easy to find but once you do, you'll be able to tell what icons mean "message pending", what icons mean "message sending" failed, "message sent", received, opened, etc.

Just follow these steps:

Go to the Main Menu

Press "Settings and Tools"

Press " * Phone Info"   (please note: if you can not find this, you may have accidentally hit the "tools" button. For some reason I kept doing this like a dope :)

Press  "#3 Icon Glossary"

From there select the part of the phone where you were seeing the icon and it will take you to the icon glossary. For example if you are looking for a definition of an icon (like those pesky envelopes) in your text messages, press "#5 Messaging"

I hope that helps!

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