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Where is The Tools Command on Mozilla Firefox

If you can not find the " TOOLS " command on the top of your computer monitor screen on Mozilla Firefox you probably are not alone. I had the same problem were I could not find " tools."  I upgraded to a new version of Firefox and after using it for a period of a few weeks I decided to clear my cookies and temporary internet file.  That is when I began to ask myself   "Where the heck is the tools command on Mozilla Firefox.  I remember it being at the top of the screen before but it is not longer there?"

Well, it turns out it is still there, you just need to click on a few things to get to it.

This might differ based on other versions of Firefox but this is how I found Tools command.  

Step 1

Look to the Top Left of your PC Screen.  See the word "Firefox" in the upper left corner with the drop down arrow?  (I wouldn't be surprised if on other versions this is just a Mozilla Firefox icon but I can't be sure, just guessing about the icon)

Step 2

Click on "Firefox" in the upper left and a window will appear.

Step 3

Position the mouse arrow over "Options"    Do Not click on "Options" just put the arrow over it so that another window/menu appears

Step 4

In the window that appears it is very likely that "Menu" is not checked. Click on "Menu" so that a check mark appear next to it

Step 5

Tools as well as other commands will appear.

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Meaning of DDC Customs Shipping International Shipments

DDC is one of the many charges you may see when sending cargo overseas.  DDC means "Destination Delivery Charge"

I occasionally coordinate international shipments at work.  Not too long ago I asked for a price quote on overseas cargo and our customs broker had mentioned that his charges would include DDC (Destination Delivery Charge.)   Naturally I was curious what this charge was all about.

Destination Delivery Charge, from what I understand, is a cost that is added onto the total shipping price. I basically is the cost of a series of short transports off the steamship and throughout the terminal.  For example it costs money to crane a sea freight container off the ship. It also costs money to move through the gate at the terminal.

I am definitely not a customs broker or full time transportation professional so do check with your own customs broker or logistics provider for detailed information on DDC and how it applies to you or your company.  I'm just giving a basic overview here.

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Meaning of BAF Customs Shipping International Shipments

BAF is part of the cost of shipping international goods overseas.  BAF stands for "Bunker Adjustment Factor"

I was interested in the meaning of this term because of my work. I Purchase international transportation services and while dealing with our customs agent he said that the " BAF would be included in the cost. "   I had no idea what BAF means  and inquired what this facet of shipping was all about.

It turns out that the Bunker Adjustment factor is a charge that is used to pay steamship lines for volatile fuel costs.  The cost of fuel changes all the time and BAF helps to cover the ship line by paying them for fluctuations.

Beyond that, I do not know much else about BAF.  If you are working with an international customs agent / broker, do check with these transportation professionals to see how BAF applies to you or your company.  I admit, I am not a source of expertise on this subject but I do hope that gives you a general idea as to what this term means.

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Is The Movie Resue Dawn a Factual Real True Story or Lie

Is the movie "Rescue Dawn" the truth or is it  a work of fiction?  

Werner Herzog's movie, Rescue Dawn, stars Christian Bale as Deiter Dengler, the ill fated air force pilot who is shot down in Laos during the Vietnam War. The film itself is fairly predictable (see my review here) but perhaps that is because it is a true story and sometimes the truth can be predictable. Right?

Well.... maybe? Maybe not?

There are a couple of web sites that claim that Werner Herzog's rescue dawn is a scam and there are some depictions that are potentially libelous (the family of fellow prisoner of war Eugene 'Gene' Henry felt there son was incorrectly dishonored by the movie)

I can not claim that the movie is complete truth or fiction, though I suspect it is a little of both. Hollywood tends to manipulate or even discard the truth in favor of their own artistic license, which neither makes for a 'true story' or even a better film.

The link I have below leads to a website that takes a look at what it claims the lies are in Rescue Dawn. I'm not affiliated with the site but found it interesting.

Check it out below:

Rescue Dawn - True Story Depicting Real Events or Just a Scam Lie ?

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