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How to Strikethrough – Cross Out Text on Lotus Notes Email

Strikethough or strikeout is a line that runs though visible text. When text is stuck out it means that you still want the text to be seen but the crossed out information is no longer necessary or correct. For example, “Not For Sale” can be written as “Not For Sale” meaning at one time the item was not for sale but it now is. The word “Not” is struckout.

You can strikeout / strikethrough text on just about any software that involves the transfer of text. Word documents, PDF’s, and emails for example can all include words and numbers with a strikethrough line running through it.

This post will look at how to cross out text on Lotus Notes email.

Step 1

Log into Lotus Notes Mail as you always do and either open up or create an email

Step 2

Find the words / text that you want to put a line through on Lotus

Step 3

Drag your cursor over all the text you want to cross out.

Step 4

Right click. Now here’s the slightly confusing part, you won’t find “Font” or “Format Text” or something you might be seeing on other software (like Word or Excel). You will see “Text Properties” Click on “Text Properties”

Step 5

In the small “Text” window that appears select “Strikethough”

After you choose this there is nothing else for you to do. The words you chose will be struckout. Close the small “text” window and you are done.

Finished right?!

Step 6 – Well…. Maybe Not Quite Done

From now on, everything you type will have a line through it unless you tell Lotus Notes to stop it. To stop the cross out lines, just right click and click again on “strikethough” so that the check mark disappears. Now you are back to normal.

Thanks for reading. I hope that helped. Here' are a couple of more tips on Lotus Notes:

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  1. Lotus Notes version 9. has a Text Menu.
    There is an option: Strickethrough

  2. Strickethrough - It also does spell check.