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Take Excel off Page Break Preview to View Normal Spreadsheet

I first became familiar with the page break preview when I discovered that the entire contents of my Excel spreadsheet / worksheet were not printing out.  I remember trying a couple different options in the ‘Print Preview’ screen but nothing seemed to work. Then I found the solution in the “Page Break Preview” within the view tab on Excel.

When I clicked on “Page Break Preview” the Excel spreadsheet becomes smaller.  Smaller is good because it allows you to see the data you entered and gives you more visibility when adjusting the page break lines.

The Problem

I’m not the smartest guy in the room so one problem I ran into was getting the spreadsheet / worksheet back to the full, standard size.  I was able to adjust the line breaks no problem but then ran into the issue of getting my spreadsheet back to the size I wanted.  I felt a bit like a klutz.

Don’t worry though, if you are unable to get your spreadsheet back to the normal view, I won’t tell anyone   I’ll show you how to fix this no problem.

This solution works best on Microsoft Excel 2007 but other versions may apply too (just maybe the commands won’t be in the exact locations I describe below)

Step 1

Make sure your tool bar at the top of the screen is on the “View” tab.  It probably already is if you are still in page break mode for this worksheet. If not, click the “View Tab”

Step 2

Look all the way to the left side of the screen.  The left-top corner is where you should be looking.  See the word “Normal”  ?    That is the command you want for Excel to give you the view you had when you first opened the worksheet.

Click normal and your worksheet will be back to the normal display.

Hope that helps!
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