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2012 Minimum Salary MLB Baseball Players Earn

No matter how much money you make, no matter how lucrative the job title you hold, there are always people at the top of the pay scale and people at the bottom. Sometimes the bottom is not so bad though. Take professional baseball for example. Pro baseball players in the major’s make a ton of money. Even the guys who earn the MLB minimum salary earn a lot of money.

Major League Baseball players who are at the bottom of salary scale got a really nice raise in their paychecks starting in 2012. The collective bargaining agreement between Major League Baseball and the players association was agreed upon in December 2011 and it provided a substantial increase in salary for the guys who make the minimum amount of money.

Players on the Major League level who are the league minimum now make roughly $480,000 per year (up from $414,000 last baseball contract). I have to admit, even the minimum salary in baseball is a really sweet paycheck.

What do you think? Do ball players earn too much money or too little?

No all pro baseball players earn the big bucks. Some make a regular, working wage. The guys who really work for their checks are minor league baseball players. Some players also receive considerable signing bonuses when they are drafted by a MLB team, though such bonuses only represent a small amount of players drafted. The vast majority of these make very little money. I did a post on this as well

Minimum Salary Minor Leaguers (MiLB) Earn

I also linked an article below where I site my salary source. Check it out.

If you are interested in other baseball statistics besides how much money players make, I wrote a couple posts on how hitting statistics correlate to each fielding position.  In other words, on average, do catchers hit better than shortstops (click here to find out) ?  Do 1st basemen have better slugging percentages than designated hitters (click here to find out)?  Do 2nd basemen have higher on base percentage than left fielders (the answer is here :-) ?

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